• MILEAGE: 124,000 MILES




  • POWER: 215 BHP



  • PRICE: £3,799
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About the Mercedes 420 SE 
The Mercedes 420 S-Class was the vehicle of quality and sign of wealth. If you had this vehicle in the late 1980's, you were someone to be known. The elegance and luxury of the car can clearly be appreciated, even now, as everything has been thouroughly thought out in the design and engineering down to the minor detail of having saftely belt pretensioners over 30 years ago. The V8 engine had a top speed of 138mph and 0-62mph in 8.3 seconds, so although this was a car of comfort, it still had a respectable amount of power behind it. As the 420 SE was not retailed in the US, this meant that less than 14,000 were actually ever built and this makes them a rarer breed to come by in the present day. 

Exterior Features​
This vehicle has been cared for very well by the previous owner for over twenty years and this is reflected in the condition of the vehicle. The paintwork is very good and it is not suffering from the usual areas of rust as some of these W126 models do. The exterior chrome trim is all as it should be and adds to the executive feel of the vehicle. The W126 featured large rectangular headlights with side indicators and a chrome front grille. This example has the original wheels and hubcaps which are all in a good state of repair. 

Interior Features
The grey leather upholstery has been well preserved and it still has the feel of comfort and luxury inside the vehicle. The dashboard has a walnut-style trim, which was typical of more prestigious vehicles from this era, with a black leather steering wheel. Features such as the centre leather arm rest, front and rear electric windows and heated front seats all contribute to the comfortable feel. 

Service History 
The same gentleman has owned the vehicle since 1994, when he purchased it from film producer Michael Rosenburg. Mr Rosenburg bought it from one owner before him who was Property firm Healey and Baker, who purchased the vehicle when new. There is a lot of paperwork present with the vehicle, dating back to when Mr Rosenburg had the vehicle and with documents signed by him, as well as service history and maintenance receipts from many years ago. There is a spare key also with the car and original user manuals. 

More Information

This vehicle is a perfect example of why owning a classic car is such a rewarding purchase to make. Not only does it serve as a stylish and somewhat different way to travel these days than anyone else which is also an appreciating asset, but it has also had an interesting life and has history dating back over the past 30 years. 

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