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Restoration and Repair Terms and Conditions

It is our desire that the process of restoring your car will be an enjoyable and satisfying one. 


In order to provide guidance for the process of restoring vehicles for our customers, the following policies have been developed to minimise ambiguities throughout the duration of work being completed:

We would like to remind you that our experienced technicians are there to guide you through the process of your repair. You will receive documented breakdowns of all work completed while your vehicle is with us, as well as photos and videos if requested. 


Our vehicle technicians will carry out our UKD classic VHC from which you will receive a full PDF report of their findings and a video of the underside of your vehicle. Our technicians will use this report in order to create a plan for your repairs with you. We can include additional work at your discretion and we can tailor your repair process based on specific items you would like completed. Please note; we cannot be responsible for any repairs which are later apparent with your vehicle which were not present at the time of the VHC being carried out. 


Our technicians source high quality and branded parts for your vehicle and we have a network of suppliers which can source parts for most makes and models. However, in some instances, your vehicle may require parts which need to be custom-made, sourced internationally, or may be only available in a used condition. Within these instances, the cost and time-frame of availability is out of our control and will be dependant on the supplier. We cannot guarantee that we can always source parts for your vehicle. Our team will always do their utmost to source the part required for any job. Please note, we do not fit parts which are sourced externally or by you as the customer unless under prior agreement.  


We may need to refuel your vehicle while it is in our possession in order for us to test-drive and manoeuvre within the workshop. If your vehicle requires a specific fuel, please inform us of this prior to work commencing. If there is not enough fuel in your vehicle when work commences for the technicians to carry out a 50-mile test drive, we will need to re-fuel your vehicle and we you will be charged for amount the vehicle requires to carry out the necessary testing. 


Because of the comprehensive nature of the restoration process, specific estimates or of the total cost or time of a restoration project cannot be given at any time. It is most important that this be understood and accepted. We can provide an approximate total for guidance purposes, however we will not be held to this amount and costs will vary depending on additional work discovered and parts availability etc.


A 15% deposit (or £500 whichever is greater) is required prior to repairs commencing. This deposit will be applied to work performed until it is depleted. Please note; this amount will cover labour only. Initial parts and materials will also be invoiced in advance of work proceeding to allow for work to commence in the most efficient manner for our technicians to complete the work necessary. Invoicing for labour and parts therefrom will be invoiced in arrears on a monthly basis or upon completion of the work, whichever sooner. 


In the event that you may need to “hold” on work, a £200.00 per month storage fee will be assessed until the next payment is received. If the car is completed and left at the shop, after 2 weeks a charge of £35/day will be assessed. 


Restoration charges apply to “time and materials”. Quality, comprehensive restorations of classic and collectable vehicles takes time, and you need to be prepared for the costs involved in completing the work required. Time spent on projects is documented by time clock. A list of parts and paint materials used within the billing cycle is included on the invoice. 

Invoices will include an item titled generically “Body Supplies”, which will include such items as bondo, putty, guide coat, cleaning solvents, rags, HazMat costs, etc. These items are impossible to quantify, but are clearly related to the cost of restoration.


Rust repair on vehicles used as normal transportation will not be guaranteed and we do not accept liability for the presence of rust after restoration and repair work is completed.


Insurance on the vehicle while in possession of UKD Auto is the responsibility of the owner. 


The customer may at any time remove the vehicle upon payment of all outstanding invoices. Vehicles are not released until account balances are paid in full.


UKD Auto will not be held responsible for any possessions which are left inside your vehicle. Please remember to remove all personal belongings from your vehicle prior to bringing your vehicle into the workshop. 




Sales Terms and Conditions

Any deposit money given is non refundable.

Due to the age and condition of our vehicles, they are sold with a warranty on limited mechanical components as per your invoice. The warranty is valid from the moment of collection or delivery is completed and receipt signed by both parties the Vendor shall have no further responsibilities or obligations in respect of the vehicle. Vehicles are sold as seen and inspected by the buyers and or their agents and it is the responsibility of the buyer or agent by examination prior to the completion of sale to satisfy themselves as to the condition; safety and general roadworthiness of the vehicle. UKD Auto does not warrant any milometer reading unless expressly stated in the car’s description.


The description of any vehicle offered both written and verbal, gives a general guideline as to the perceived condition of the vehicle by the vendor and is not and should not be considered as a complete or binding description as to the vehicles suitability or perported fitness for purpose. The buyer must assess for themselves the suitability of the vehicle for their intended purpose by means of either a third party or their own inspection.


Vehicles sold will have been MOT’d and serviced prior to sale (unless the purchaser has agreed or asked for it not to be). At point of sale there are no known major faults. Due to the age and mileage of all the cars we sell there are minor faults and these will continue to be apparent with further miles/months owned.


It is the sole responsibility of the customer to check their goods thoroughly on delivery, as any transit shortages or damage claims will not be considered after a period of 24hours. You must make us aware of such issues which will be dealt with accordingly. It is the customer’s liability to check that the correct quantity is supplied and that nothing is damaged.


Any vehicles returned under warranty will undergo extensive testing, and should the part be found to be fault, it will either be replaced or repaired. In the situation where the part needs to be sent to our supplier, the testing process may take longer than expected and we will be unable to offer a replacement until we have confirmation of the problem.



UKD does not offer a refund or return of any vehicle once purchased. This does not affect your statutory rights. 

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